Does anyone else feel more judgmental of others who watch porn now?

So I know this sounds a bit messed up but after struggling with porn and finally quitting over 5 months ago (edit: I've gotten close to dabbling in it by looking at busty women/bikini photos etc. but never intentionally searched for nudes/sex), I've realized how bad it really was. All that imagery, the objectification, reducing humans to nothing more than their parts, and esp. when it involved women, the exposure of the most intimate/hidden parts of their body right up in your face. It was vulgar and dehumanizing, and a part of me finds it very disgusting and even "evil" in a way (not necessarily in a religious sense but just the vibe I got from it).The guys I've dated (except one) all watched porn at least a little (bi, f here). Now, the thought of the guy I'm dating watching porn bothers me and puts him in a much worse light. I never cared, but now that I've seen the before and after, I feel like he continues to objectify and disrespect women all just to bust a nut (yep, and I used to do the same). He told me he wanted to quit for New Year's (not because I asked him) and yet he hasn't. I don't want to judge him, it's his life, but I guess this idea of raw sexuality and purity/creativity with my partner won't work if he's living in a dehumanizing fantasy world. I guess if he only watched softcore (where it's not all up in your face) or even hentai/cartoons (still bad but no actual human victims), I wouldn't see it as being as bad, but having watched porn for years (and been addicted) it's a bad animalistic sort of attraction, and a bastardization of our sexuality.**Does anyone else feel the same? How do you feel dating someone who watches porn? Does it ruin your idealized version of sexuality within a relationship? I hate to be judgmental but I can't help it now.** via /r/pornfree

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