Each day that you dont fap, is a good day

I started my Nofap journey Septermber 2016 and had many streaks started from 7 days until reaching 90 days and back.In this 2 Years, i found my wonderfull GF and started going into gym. From myself i had many up and downs, fighting with big urges, but had also wonderfull moments with my friends where im just feeling happy and chill.Believe me i know how hard is fighting this addiction each day. Started with lesbian porn and goes worse with hentai, 3D Porn. Saved a lot stuff on my computer (200GB) and had many bookmarks. I deleted everything.The thing is dont be too hard to yourself. As many nofap users mention before, if youre on a strike and you relapse, you never start back on square one.I try to take speach memos if i relapsed and telling me myself that next time i will not fallen my urges.I also started this year to taking notes on my calender if i relapse. For exapmle i may relapsed on April 4 times but i also didnt nofap for the rest 26 days.From me personal im very happy that i found Nofap and this sub. Is a good thing to know, that you are not the only one that trying to win over this addiction, but i will also telling you that you dont need to be too hard with yourself if you relapse.Because each day that you dont fap, is a good day. via /r/NoFap https://ift.tt/2IH99vZ

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