Ex Boyfriend turned out to abusive and a pedophile

(first time poster, be nice pls)It was a long time ago. Im 19 now, but I was 14 years at the time this happened. My Ex-Boyfriend, Angel, was around 17-18. Thinking back on this now, I realized I was being groomed.Now, for a little backstory. I was they type of kid to be into 'Roleplaying' characters. At the time this happened, I was a big part of the community corner this happened in. I had a character named Steven, an inventor for a group of characters that were bad. Angel had the same character as me, except in a different universe (if this isn't making any sense, dont worry, its not too important to the story). We had met over mutual friends of ours, whose name was Aleks. I was a kid who was very trusting and was pretty new to the internet at the time, and with my ADHD and Autism, it wasn't a very good time. I'm much better now with how I deal with people. Now that that's done, here's the story.It was a pretty late night, normal for me at the time to still be up, me and Aleks were talking, she brought two others into our call on skype, Angel and one other person I cannot remember. It wasn't very big, mostly talking about our characters and what we were planning on doing with them in the future. I wasn't really paying much attention at the time, as I was also playing video games while talking, until Aleks and her other friend had to go. It left me and Angel in a call until the early morning, generally chatting and getting to know each other. Since we had the same character, it was much easier to shoot the breeze with him. It was a lot of fun, and we became good friends really quickly. These calls of the four of us would become less and less as Angel wanted to spend more time with me, and I found no problem in that because he was nice and was interested in almost everything I had to say.It was at this point, a few months later, that I wanted to pull a prank on our group of friends. I went to him to spitball ideas on what I could do, when he 'jokingly' said that I should tell them that he and I were dating. I found it funny, considering we had only known each other for about 3 months at the time, and it would catch everyone off guard. I agreed (very stupidly) and we went on our way to the group chat we all were in and started a group call. Being a kid with lots of interest in theater and drama, I would consider myself very good at acting, which made this slightly worse. Aleks seemed to be happy for us, while a few others muttered between themselves. The call continued, and all was good.Though, a few days later, Angel began to call me pet names, even when the joke was over. He convinced me to continue to play along, and since he was an older kid, I followed his lead. He would message me constantly, even when I was in school and I told him to not. It got me in trouble a lot because if I didn't message him back he would get upset at me, which made me feel guilty. This is where it began to go bad.Angel wouldn't let me roleplay with anyone he didn't already know, which kept me exclusively to the small group we were in. I didn't like this that much, but I didn't complain because he said he was trying to protect me from creeps. I had a really good friend who roleplayed with my character a lot, Pyro. Pyro and I would bant a lot in groups and our characters had some chemistry between them for a long time. I knew Pyro was 18, and he knew how old I was, and respected that (he did rp NSFW things, not with me though, nor would I ask/he ask) But Angel didn't like Pyro at all, because we were close friends. He threatened him and told him off every time we would talk, until Pyro left the community completely. It upset me greatly and I started to rp less. Angel didn't care much, he would only demand I to rp with him, which I did. Keep in mind I was 14 at the time.It began to ramp up when he got my phone number (My skype was broken and I gave it to him because he told me to give him it). My phone would go off multiple times in an hour of him messaging me, to the point where I would almost always have my phone on do not disturb or off (I still keep my phone on DND out of this) If I didnt respond within a certain amount of time he would claim I didn't love him (Sidenote: It was at this point I convinced myself I was in love with him and he loved me) and would threaten me that he was going to go and do drugs with his neighbor if I didn't respond. Of course, I would force myself to respond after these.It all came to a stop when he started asking me for sexual things, such as moaning on call, or role playing sexual themes. Now, as I've said, i am 14. Way under the aoc in the US. He was 18 at this point. I would refuse these and he would get mad, then apologize later on for his actions and act like nothing happened. I was terrified of him at this point, mostly going along with it out of fear of what he would do to me or himself. I talked to Aleks about this, and she knew by this point things were becoming bad. She tried to talk to him about it but got blown off, so she became frank with me, explaining that he was across the country from me (Quite literally, I live on the west coast, he lives on the east). She told me to quietly start dropping my contacts with him, slowly. I ended my roleplay account (RIP Steven, you were one of my favorite muses) and became quiet on the social app we used. I became more distant, which he immediately noticed and started up his threats again, which scared me. But Aleks was in the know since she was friends with him still, and kept me updated with him and how he was lying about all the things he was telling me. I ended up blocking him on my social media one day, and blocking him on my phone. I didn't see anything of him past that, and a few months later, I checked his account to realize he was literally on the search for me, having posted a picture of me (which I still have no idea where he got it from, it wasnt from our calls since I didn't have a camera at the time) and was asking people if they knew where I was. I completely abandoned the site for a long time, and turned to a different media to rp. He left numerous voice mails for me, I still have them in my inbox years later, and asked the friends we had in common where I was. I had to cut off contact with everyone in order to be safe.Its years later, and I was looking through the search tag of my old username, when I realized just how bad it was. He was comparing me to a character from a hentai manga (I reverse image searched it and found it, he cropped out the title and the r-18 rating - the manga is Kimi wo Taosu to Kokoro ni Kimeta!! if your interested in seeing the picture, its the cover). But. All of this? I hope your in jail. Let's never, ever meet again Angel. For your sake. via /r/LetsNotMeet https://ift.tt/2rFWhw2

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