F for M! Multiple Naruto Sexual Roleplay Prompts! Choose whichever one you’d like to play w/ me!

Below I will list multiple Naruto pairings along with prompts which will all be solely focused on hardcore and intense smut, so if that’s not your interest then read no further! The list will expand overtime as every time I get a new interest in smut between other characters I’ll add a prompt, each prompt will have a picture of the characters having sex, just so you can get an idea of the position they’ll be in, it’s just more for reference! A list of kinks and limits along with my Kik will follow after my prompts below. By the way, all roleplays can start off with either sex right away or some build-up, your choice! I’D LOVE IF YOU START THE ROLEPLAY OFF RIGHT WHEN YOU MESSAGE ME! If you have difficulty choosing one of my pairings then I’d be happy to choose one, just ask!Pairings: • Mito x Madara Prompt for Mito x Madara: Ever since Hashirama was inaugurated into the position as the Hidden Leaf’s First Hokage he’s been forced to spend most of his time at the Hokage Office work I with paperwork, leaving Mito to spend much time alone. Mito was happy for him that he had been given such a good role to play in the village, though she began to felt neglected, sexually at least. Madara saw this as the perfect opportunity to take advantage of Mito, one morning when Hashirama had left the house he lived in with Mito, Madara went knocking at the door, Mito opening the door and greeting him politely as she invited him inside. The two chatted for a bit while Madara waited for the perfect moment when Mito would let her guard down, using the immense visual prowess of his Sharingan to force her into submission and to force her to do whatever he wanted. Within minutes the two had been in the position they are in the picture, Madara thrusting in and out of Mito’s womb with his monstrous cock.• Tsunade x Hashirama Prompt for Tsunade x Hahirama: Everything was going according to Kabuto’s plan, the war had begun and his reanimated Shinobi were doing their job, fighting as they were supposed to. That is until Orochimaru manages to reanimate the First, Second, Third, and Fourth Hokage, which Kabuto knew would be capable of beating his reanimated corpses. Kabuto, devising a jutsu which would allow him to take over at least one of the reanimated Hokage, decided to take over Hashirama and give him the mission to make his way to the Hidden Leaf Village and stop Tsunade from reaching the battlefield at whatever means necessary. Once arriving at the village, Hashirama managed to put Tsunade under a genjutsu which caused Hashirama to practically be in control of her body and actions. Soon after Tsunade had been on the floor naked, Hashirama on his knees positioned behind her while he pumped his massive cock into her womb.• Kushina x Naruto Prompt for Kushina x Naruto: The position of Hokage got quite boring for Naruto and was the complete opposite of fun for him, which caused him to grow bored a lot. Since Naruto now had full control over Kurama, he decided to tamper with his seal mark a bit, unraveling the seal just for the heck of it. While unraveling it he found a portion of Kushina’s chakra still being implanted inside of it, Naruto then pulled the chakra from the seal, causing his mother to appear in front of him. Doing this resulted in Kushina becoming almost like a summoning jutsu for Naruto, Naruto now being able to teleport her to and away from him as long as he formed the appropriate hand seals. This also resulted in Kushina becoming almost like a slave to Naruto, being forced to carry out his orders even if not wanted to. After a couple minutes of chatting a fiery lust ignited between the two as they had both been without sex for awhile now. Now Kushina had been laying on her stomach against a mattress, Naruto positioned over her as he drilled his massive cock into her beautifully pink and tight asshole, Kushina letting out deep lust-filled moans.• Tsunade x Raikage Prompt for Tsunade x Raikage: That time had finally came again, it was time for the Five Kage Summit Meeting to take place once again. This time it was the Raikage’s turn to host the meeting, meaning the meeting would take place in the village Hidden in the Clouds. Once all the Kage’s gathered in the Cloud Village the meeting commenced, this one being a meeting that would go on for about two hours. After the two hours had passed and all the Kage’s finished discussing their business they all began to split apart, taking off to return to their village, Tsunade and A being the only ones remaining. Tsunade told A her intention of signing a new treaty that would prevent war breaking out between their two villages, Tsunade concerned about this since the bonds between the two villages seemed severed. A would only sign the treaty on one condition, that condition being that Tsunade becomes his fucktoy, something he would use whenever and wherever he wanted. Within minutes A had been holding Tsunade off the ground, Tsunade bouncing on his monstrous thick cock as she moans out in pain, her pussy being painfully stretched.• Fū x Naruto Prompt for Fū x Naruto: Soon after Fū died from having her tailed beast extracted from her Kabuto came up with a plan to stall Naruto while the Fourth Great Ninja War plans began to set in motion to kick off the war. Kabuki used some of Fū’s DNA in order to reanimate her, sending her to the Hidden Leaf Village so she can halt Naruto by any means necessary, since he was a teenage boy Kabuto allowed Fū to keep her normal personality, knowing she would eventually act a little slutty towards Naruto, Kabuto practically making her a free reanimation. Once she arrived she met up with Naruto, the two talking for a few before a spark of sexual lust sparked between the two at the hot springs, the two soon heading to a private outdoors hot spring where the two allowed their lust to take over completely. Within minutes the two had been in an intense standing 69, Naruto eating out Fū’s pussy while Fū deepthroated Naruto’s massive cock, enjoying the taste of his pre-cum.• Tsunade x Naruto Prompt for Tsunade x Naruto: Naruto had finally done it, he had finally become the Hokage, earning himself the title of the Seventh Hokage. Once hearing news of his inauguration Tsunade decided to return to the village in order to congratulate him, her having the intention of wanting to have congratulatory sex with him as she had always fantasized about having some intense sex with him, she knew he must’ve been fantasizing about her as well. Once arriving she made her way to the Hokage Office, finding Naruto alone, already being forced to deal with loads of paperwork. A couple minutes of flirtatious chatter later Naruto was seated on a couch, Tsunade on top of him as she bounced on his massively thick cock, their fantasizing finally becoming reality.• Mito x Hashirama Prompt for Mito x Hashirama: Today was the day, today was the day in which the people of the village would inaugurate Hashirama into the position as the First Hokage. The ceremony began early morning, lasting to about noon time, Mito and Hashirama were spending time together throughout the day, cheering with others while also enjoying the fine foods that were gifted to Hashirama as a present. Later when the ceremony came to a conclusion, both Mito and Hashirama paid a visit to the new building which was to be now known as the Hokage Office, the two entering into a private room which would be used by the Hokage for whenever and whatever they wanted. The two immediately began to display their lust for each other, the two soon on top of a mattress, like how they are in the picture, Hashirama thrusting in and out of Mito’s womb as her moans mixed with pain and pleasure fill the room.• Konan x Naruto Prompt for Konan x Naruto: Thanks to the inspiring words spoken by Naruto Uzumaki, Konan was finally able to open her eyes to the world and become good once again. Deciding that she hadn’t thanked Naruto enough for helping her return to the good side she decided that she would go to the Hidden Leaf Village and thank Naruto in a more intimate type of way. Once arriving at the Leaf, Konan received directions from Naruto’s friends as to where she can find him, which was at the room Naruto’s lived in for nearly his entire life. Once she knocked on the door Naruto opened it and invited her inside with a smile, the two chatting for a bit before Konan revealed her intention of thanking Naruto more intimately to show that she appreciates what he did for her. Within minutes Naruto had Konan pressed against the wall, holding her up off the floor as he drilled his massive cock in and out of Konan’s womb with every thrust, Konan moaning loudly from the sensation as cum dripped from her pussy.• Hanabi x Konohamaru Prompt for Hanabi x Konohamaru: (This takes place in the Boruto series) Although Hiashi was happy that Hinata found love with Naruto he was a bit upset considering the fact that in order to keep the pure blood heritage within the clan, clan mates would have to mate, though Hinata had mated with Naruto and already had kids, “severing” the bloodline slightly, at least in Hiashi’s eyes. Hiashi scolded the Hyuga clan, telling them that they should continue mating with clan mates to preserve the bloodline, though Hanabi and Konohamaru had been seeing each other for quite awhile now, they were in love, which made for a pretty intense sex life. Now, the two having to keep their “business” in secrecy, were at the Hyuga cabin in which Hanabi lived in while Hiashi was hosting a meeting with other Hyuga members at a location outside of the Hyuga compound. Hanabi was laying on her back against the floor, her legs up in the air as Konohamaru was positioned in between her legs, drilling his massive cock into her tight pussy.• Konan x Obito Prompt for Konan x Obito: Obito had been angry after Konan’s attempt to kill him, most angry at the fact that he had to use one of the Sharingan eye’s in his possession in order to protect himself with Izanagi. While in the middle of choking Konan to near death Obito placed her under a genjutsu, forcing Konan to tell him where Nagato’s body was in order for Obito to acquire the Rinnegan. Once arriving at the location of Nagato’s body, Obito returned, his visual prowess now enhanced even further as now he possessed one Sharingan and one Rinnegan. The reason he didn’t murder Konan was about to be seen, Obito decided to test his visual prowess on Konan, forcing her into complete submission with his extraordinary visual prowess, Konan now being completely submissive to him, only able to talk freely. Obito tested his control over her and soon Konan had been bent over doggystyle, Obito positioned behind her as he drilled his massive cock into her tight asshole, Konan feeling as if her hole was ripping due to the painful sensation.• Konan x Itachi Prompt for Konan x Itachi: Pain had given strict orders to both Konan and Itachi to go and inspect one of the old Uchiha Hideouts as it may be a location for a new Akatsuki Base in the near future. Almost immediately after receiving their orders the two set out, chatting as they traveled, while traveling together Konan managed to see what Itachi’s eyes were capable of as they had been attacked multiple times but Itachi was able to immobilize them with just a glare, sparking Konan’s interest. Through their travels Pain was able to contact them, telling them both that they have to stay at the location for a few days in order to make sure nobody secretly visits it, meaning the two would be alone for a couple days. Once they arrived at the location Konan managed to convince Itachi into allowing Konan to experience the power of his Sharingan first hand, Itachi then used his visual prowess on her, forcing Konan into a state of submission. Konan wanted to see to what extent in which Itachi can control her, and after a few minutes of wishing to find out the extent of his control, the two had been positioned how they are in the picture, Itachi positioned behind her as he drilled his monstrosity of a cock into Konan’s pussy, Konan moaning out in deep satisfaction as her pussy juices covered Itachi’s cock, some even running down her thighs.• Kushina x Obito Prompt for Kushina x Obito: (Alternate Universe where Kushina never died, Minato sealed half the Nine Tails into her and the other half into Naruto.) Everything was going according to plan said Obito, all he needed was one more thing before he kicked off the Fourth Great Ninja War, that one last thing being some type of leverage over Naruto Uzumaki, just in hopes that it would anger him and cause him to rush into battle blindly. Obito was struggling to find leverage over him until he found out one important piece of information, Kushina survived the night of the Nine Tails extraction. Taking advantage of his information, Obito had Kushina kidnapped from the Hidden Leaf Village, Kushina waking up inside of Obito’s base, the second she woke up Obito had immediately placed her under his control with his visual prowess, forcing Kushina to act according to his demands, Kushina being forced into submission. Testing his control over her while also being able to fulfill his dirty thoughts he’s had about fucking her ever since he was a kid, Obito took advantage of his power over her, Kushina soon being bent over doggystyle as Obito was positioned behind her, ramming his monstrously thick cock into Kushina’s tight asshole, causing moans of extreme pain and pleasure to emit from her mouth.My kinks: Hair Pulling, Sloppy Blowjobs, Blowjobs, Mouth/Face Fucking, Deepthroating, Anal, Facials, Creampies, Lots Of Cum, Massive Cocks(Thick & At most 17 inches), Slapping, Spitting, Degrading, Spanking, and Titfucking.Limits:Animals & Gore.So this list will expand when I feel interested in doing other couples, so keep on the lookout! If you didn’t notice, I’m a slut for monstrous cocks, so that’s why I require in every pairing that your character possess a monstrous cock(13-17 inches)! Please Kik me if you’re interested and also be capable of typing at least 9 lines of detail!My Kik is EmilyOfTheSharingan via /r/Roleplaykik https://ift.tt/2IbB7zJ

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