[F4A] New Lewd Crew Two! A place to share Hentai, make friends, and roleplay!

Feeling lonely and need some company and possibly the opportunity to make some friends? Then kik me at Squirrelnutzipper15 to join my RP/Hentai group, welcome to any and all people.There are some rules but they’re very limited. 1. No IRL profile pics 2. Must be nice and courteous to everyone else in the chat 3. Listen to all admins. If you have a complaint about an admin doing something unruly, let me know 4. No scat, vore, or vomit in the chat. Take all that to pm 5. Must ask to PM unless there names say open PMs 6. Must be extremely lewd XONow I have no one in the group at the moment so again, HMU at Squirrelnutzipper15.If you’d like to be an admin, let me know. I’ll see if you’re fit for thatLove, Natalie via /r/Roleplaykik https://ift.tt/2IBYpM6

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