F4A Sexy ageplay image chat

Hello reddit! My name is Katie, I’m into ageplay, and tonight I’m looking for sexy images and descriptions - anything that catches your fancy! Cartoons, celebrities, captions, models you happen to find attractive... if it gets you off and it’s ageplay, I want to see it. I’d also love to chat about fantasies and what it is about these people that you love, as well as what you’d like to do with them.Limits are feet and toilet stuff, and I’m not hugely into hentai. I’m interested in chatting on wickr at anniet1400. Feel free to lead with an image, and if I don’t get back right away, I’ll find a time! I’m excited to hear from you! via /r/Dirty_Wickr https://ift.tt/2HR0Y0g

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