F4F sub/dom roleplay

im a female dom looking for female subs! (im also willing to play as sub) im not into sex, moreso into lots of teasing, bondage, chasity, orgasm denial, collars leashes, dressup and piss.we can discuss a scenario but i would prefer con.my only limits are: scat, blood and gore.people with a reference pic (anime/hentai or normal) will get quicker responses! kik: domkaya123i also have a few simple scenarios:Im a famous Dom around town, your a shy girl who has always been interested in being a slave so one day you decide to come to my house and beg to be taken in.(this one is non con) we have been talking for a few weeks online now and we've really been hitting it off. we have no idea what we look like, so we go on a blind date. you have a few too many drinks and sleep at my place, the next morning you're suddenly tied to my bed. via /r/Roleplaykik https://ift.tt/2jigaES

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