F4F/Futa sub/dom rp

(im also willing to switch roles to where you are dom and i am sub. but im too lazy to change my post :p)heyy im a female dominant looking for a little slave to slowly turn from normal girl to a pleasure seeking dog. im also willing to play as a futa or have you be a futa if you're more into that! there wont be alot of sex, im moreso into heavy bondage, light torture, humiliation, and piss. ill have you tied op for hours on end blindfolded and gagged getting fucked by a machine etc.i have plenty more kinks and some limits we can discuss together with a roleplay scenario! please dont just say hey or hi but have a anime/hentai reference picture of your character!my kik is: domkaya123 via /r/Roleplaykik https://ift.tt/2KUuCzN

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