[F4M] Extreme plots accepted, no vanilla!

Hi again! First of all, I have to apologize to the people I ended up ghosting last time, I got overwhelmed with responses. I'm truly sorry.But onto this time's idea! I'm accepting extreme plot ideas of nearly any kind, the limits are no real people or death. Pretty much anything else is fair game, just run your idea by me.Requirements: You have to be at least decently literate, no one liners. Have a reference picture for our characters or for our scenario ready along with a detailed description of what you want. Bonus points if it's a hentai plot/pic.My response times vary greatly, be ready for that. And no pics of yourself please! My Kik is KyberSplicer. via /r/Roleplaykik https://ift.tt/2rJZMBb

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