F/Futa4F/Futa sub/dom roleplay

heyy im a Female or Futa submissive currently looking for a female or futa mistress to own me. im a shy innocent girl who has been forced into this life thus making it a non con roleplay. i dont want to have lots of sex ( maybe a few blowjobs but thats it). i want to be tied up for hours forced to drink piss blindfolded and choked.A bit about my character: im a small futa girl with a cock so massive compared to my body im able to suck myself off. (i have an ref picture)we can come up with a scenario and discuss our kinks and limits together alrighty? (NOTE anime/hentai reference pic of your character is required to get a response). kik: domkaya123 via /r/Roleplaykik https://ift.tt/2G4x7fc

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