Friends and roommates think I [all 19M] can do better than girl [19F] I’m seeing.

I’m a total loser, especially with women. My parents were starving artists who declared bankruptcy in the early 2000’s. I grew up with depression and ptsd and had the ugly duckling phase for the longest time. I used to drink by myself sometimes and my Friday nights would consist of me getting hammered and watching hentai. I had a couple girlfriends who broke up with me because I scared them away with my sadness according to them. My prom date left me for another girl and I only lost my virginity cause my friends paid a porn girl to fuck me.I've been working on myself the past year. I don't really drink except occasionally with other people. I’m slowly getting off my antidepressants since my therapist noted that I’m better adjusted. I’m in university and graduating a year early. I work out often and while I’m no macho beefcake I’m in alright shape and have the abs and v shape which girls apparently dig. I would say I’m a good height (6’1-2) and have been told I look like a more asian version of Chris Evans (since I’m part asian).I’m still horrible with girls. Tinder is whack and there are female classmates who come over to drink with me sometimes but I think they’re just doing it to be nice or for the booze. However I’ve been seeing this cute Indian girl for a few weeks. She’s not the hottest person but she’s pleasant looking. She’s just really mellow and easy going. She’ll listen to me rant about my favorite video games and why Attack on Titan is so overrated even though she’s not interested in that sorta stuff. She will look at me with a big smile and just keep asking stuff like what I think goes into a good video game and other anime I have watched.The other day my roommates pulled me aside and asked if I was serious with her. Said we were probably gonna be a serious couple sometime soon. They then told me I could do so much better cause she’s just a 5/10 and I’m way more attractive than her. They see the girls who come over and were kinda disappointed I didn’t hook up with any of them. It’s been this weird vibe now where they know I can do so much better and constantly tell me how their much hotter female friends see me on their snap stories and are interested in me. I don’t know what the right move is if there’s even a move to make. Even my friends agree with my roommate and I’m just stumped.tldr I’m horrible with girls and finally seeing someone who doesn’t think I’m a train wreck. Friends and roommates think I can do much better and won’t shut up about it. via /r/relationships

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