Fuck anime club

I got kicked out of my anime club I go to school out on the south side chicago represent I thought the club was about naruto and bleach and cool battles next thing I know I walk in these niggas was watching some girl 4 year old anime and talking about hentai so I told the dude go watch real porn you weird fuck and hen the teacher came out from the back and told me I wasn’t welcomed I then told him this is why people don’t come to these clubs cuz of weird niggas like this all the kids I grew up on the block with watched bleach naruto and mainstream anime but we keep that shit on the low you get beat up in public for talking bout anime on the streets anyways fuck the club don’t care if I got kicked out just wish there where anime clubs with cool people that smoke a blunt then watch some Tokyo ghoul. via /r/copypasta https://ift.tt/2JZUhWw

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