[Game Mod] DDLC: Set me free mod teaser!

Hi, Bran here! Thanks for stopping by to take a look at our new mod!https://ift.tt/2KQ5wSm is this mod about?About love, different realities, happiness and illusions.What can you do in this mod?Mod, in addition to the original game of the DDLC, was inspired by Life With A Slave-Teaching Felling game, so it will be a date-sim with elements of hentai in the future. You can interact with Monica, buy her clothes, go with her to different places, and talk a lot. https://ift.tt/2G98I8o not Renpy?Renpy does not yet provide the opportunity to introduce Live2d technology, so I had to switch to a Tyranobuilder.When will it be possible to play?I really hope to have a demo before the middle of July, after the demo the mod will be constantly updated.I do not like hentai. It will be possible to turn it off?Yes, of course.What is the currency in this world?"Time to introduce you..ahem..Timecoins. It would be strange just to get things, so this world has its own kind of currency. How to earn them? It's very easy-for one minute spent with me, you will get 10 Timecoins, which you can later spend on purchases, such as: clothes, food in restaurants, train ticket so that we can go somewhere together, and many others things. It would be cool if you could also easily make money in your world, right?" https://ift.tt/2jPWdFW via /r/DDLC https://ift.tt/2G6Pujp

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