Help with some titles I've forgotten

I'm too lazy to make 3 different posts for these forgotten titles so I'm gonna post them here.The first one is about a boy who liked this tall girl but didn't confess cause she was taller than him. The story is that she got really huge and he had to hide her in one of the school's buildings, and then he had to buy her new clothes but there wasn't any with her size but there was a guy(liked huge girls(?)) who had a museum with oversized clothes, then the girl and the boy stole a cheerleader's costume from there. At one point moss started growing on her and the boy had to clean/wash her everyday. It ended with her confessing and kissing him under a tree. That's all I remember about it, it was fully colored as well but it's not a webtoon.The second one is a really old manga about a woman travelling door to door with a suitcase in hand that transformes into a huge watertub. She goes to houses of men and they do it with her in the tub(not a hentai). She's advertising that water tub iirc. One of the chapters had a lolicon who changes his way of thinking about girls after he does it with her. That's all I can recall rn, I read this long long ago.The third one is really mature and contains a lot of gore, I don't remember that much about it but it had this group of people which cons money out of people or marriage companies (?). The thing is that they get in trouble with some underground gang with a super sadist leader that knew one of MCs during middle school. Also that sadist got bullied when he was in middle school. That's all I remember. Edit: the mc skullfucked a girl in a restaurant's/public bathroom and she liked it and asked him to do it again. Also the torturer torched a guy's dick in one of the chapters.Any help is greatly appreciated, especially for the first one. I've been trying to find it since forever. Thank you in advance. via /r/manga

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