Hey Look! It's a New Discussion and Survey Part 2.

Policy Discussion and Survey: Part 2Please consider reading this post and leaving a comment before taking THIS SURVEY.In addition to the major policies discussed in the last thread, there are many smaller issues which we would like your input on. Not all of them are as important as others, and some of them rarely come up. Some of have much less clear problems and solutions. However enough people have mentioned them, that they warrant exploration. Feel free to skip around.Plain panels/scenes (Rule 4)"Low quality" Fan-art"Too many pictures"Youtube videosHentai, ecchi, and OC (rule 8)One Piece Games (Rule 9)Don't be a dick (rule 11)Moderator presenceCurating contentOtherPlain panels/scenesMany people complained they can't post plain panels. In the past when it was allowed, it caused clutter while contributing little or nothing to discussion. Most of these posts, about 95%, are of the same type; "Look at this cool scene!" without prompting other discussion. It's unlikely this rule will change.However, this comes up often enough, several questions are raised. Is saying "Look at this cool scene!" a valid way to start discussion? Do people know you can include a plain panel/scene if it's part of a text post (self post)? Is the wording on this rule unclear?Low quality Fan artA common complaint involves low quality fan art. Determining what counts as "low quality" can be difficult. As already discussed with memes, it's very subjective decide what is "bad". Sometimes bad drawings are still enjoyable. Furthermore, discouraging young artist for "bad art" may be detrimental, as many will continue to practice and become better. There have been many cases of rapid artistic improvement.However if low quality art becomes too common, we must remove it. We already tend to remove things like stick figures (you just don't see it being done), but that might not be enough. Do you think mods should be more strict on this issue? What are you other thoughts?Too many picturesSome people think that between fan-art, cosplay, merchandise, tattoos, and other media, that there are just too many pictures. They claim it drowns out more legitimate discussion, analysis, and theory posts. Keep in mind, posts of pictures only dominate the front page, the majority of the subreddit is still discussion. I think the main reason people see this as a problem, is they assume people are only trying to get karma. However usually it's just someone excited to share something about one piece.Do you think think that this is a problem? Do you think people really are just trying to get karma? Although the survey showed people value discussion posts more than art, up/down votes say otherwise, why do you think that is?Youtube videosBy an extreme majority, this was voted as the subs least favorite type of content. The moderation team removes nearly all links to youtube videos under rule 6, 9/10 people that link to youtube have a posting history of ONLY linking their own content. However Some people commented they think we should be more lenient.Enough people said they don't like videos at all to raise a few questions. Are they slipping through somehow? Is this complaint not about self promotion, but popular youtubers? Could the people asking us to be more lenient, just want to promote their new youtube channel? Should we ban them altogether?Hentai, ecchi, and OCA minority of users complain when fan-art is too risque, provocative, or sexualized. Is this because hey see it as an attempt to farm karma? Given than less than 8% of users are under 18, users probably are not offended at the concept of something lewd. It has always been policy that ecchi is allowed, but even very light echii gets reported. Is this because the definition "hentai" is unclear? Is it because people think it is a grab for upvotes?Furthermore, a question is raised, should it be prohibited at all? Our survey showed about 33% of users would consider it acceptable. As long as it is NSFW tagged, would posting hentai hurt anything? There are a number of artists who would like to share their (erotic) work, but don't because r/FunPiece is inactive and lacks a community. If completely unrestricted It's ability to clutter the subreddit is a valid concern, but if limited it's unlikely this would dramatically change the subreddits content, if it does it can be reverted. Could we allow a provision in which an artist is allowed to post hentai only if it is original content? Could it be segregated to a weekly mega-thread?One Piece GamesIn the past, there were issues with too many posts about One Piece games. But the popularity of many of them has decreased. Some users would like to discuss them here, as there is really no other place. Internally, the moderators remove few posts about games, as they are uncommon. If the game doesn't already have it's own subreddit (such as /r/OnePieceTC/) should game posts be allowed?Don't be a dickMany users have responded favorably to this new rule. However a few complained about the phrasing, since it is flippant. Would you prefer if it were changed to something such as; "Be polite and considerate" or "Don't be abusive or obscene".As a reminder, we do not actively censor arguments, criticism, cruse words, or even general negativity. This rule primarily applies to personal attacks, insults, harassment, and blatant racism.Moderator presenceA surprising number of people commented on the survey that they think various rules aren't being enforced. There was at least one comment for each rule, claiming we don't enforce it. Sometimes things slip through, or it may take time for a mod to notice something, but generally this isn't true. For the past 3 months:4067 threads removed (about 28% of posts)1971 comments removed143 bans issued (about 39% are temp)This doesn't include manually approved posts (about 10,000) PMs, comments, false reports, announcements, or other actions. The problem is most of these actions are invisible, so it may look like nothing is happening. Other than publishing these statistics, what can be done to increase moderator presence?Curating contentThere are several issues in this discussion, which all relate to the quantity of content on the sub. Certain types of posts have been proven over time to clutter things and reduce the subs quality, so we remove those. But we can't remove all sorts of things because one group doesn't like them.Content that is posted too much can get rules to restrict it.Content that infrequent but desired can be deregulated.Everything in the middle should be handled by the vote system.Moderators can't control what is on the front page of the sub, and the subreddits composition should be judged by more than just the first 25 popular posts. We can help organize things, but we can't control everything. Sometimes you have to learn to coexist with things you don't enjoy that others do, or to give up something you like that others hate, maybe you learn to appreciate something you didn't before. It's a price of being part of a large community, we're all stuck on the same boat.OtherAre there any issues which haven't been mentioned here that you think should be explored? via /r/OnePiece https://ift.tt/2jJnUjy

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