[HIGHLY FACTUAL] A summary of FE16's gameplay and plot.

Plot: The game will be set in the land of Chri-Hansania, a very peaceful country that is do pacifistic that it doesn't even have an army! It is ruled by the grand council (a council made up of girls with questionable ages) and young princess Peydo-Bayit, said to be the most beautiful lady in all the land. One day however, the evil duke of Loliphalia kidnaps the entire council and the princess in one fell swoop! He then turn them in to the Eyevale empire who promptly annexes Chri-Hansania! But there is still resistance against the evil empire in the form of a ragtag group of freedom fighters, led by a mysterious traveller.Gameplay: The players self insert character, known by the default name Peddi'f'ilii will go around liberating the many provinces one at a time in epic battles! Gameplay has been made easier to accomodate the new playerbase as well, so all fights now take place on a simplified 8×8. But provinces aren't the only thing you will be liberating... that's right! You'll also be liberating the council members, both from the prisons they will be held in (one per province) and also from their virginities! Indeed, FE16 boasts impressive, fully voiced AND animated loli hentai scenes! Play out your sickest desires with the cardboard cutout, 1 trope a piece council members, and with the grand prize that is the princess! Or perhaps you will fulfill your darkest fantasies with the evil dragon princess LoLee, who you can get a gratuitous, multi-hour rape scene with in the special third route 'FE: Rapes'.Fire emblem has never been better then this! via /r/shitpostemblem https://ift.tt/2Iy8r0p

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