I [18/M] broke up with my girlfriend [18/F] and don't know where to go from now

Hey guys!I'm an 18 year old dude and I like otaku stuff which includes anime, manga and for me also hentai. I was in a relationship for 9 months with a girl who at first seemed ok with me liking all of that, but later on she told me she didn't like it. She started telling me about how looking at the girls I watched in hentai and even normal anime made her really sad and insecure, saying she cried looking at their images and she had nightmares about them. I tried stopping at least with the hentai for a while but it didn't really solve much, decided to stop the relationship.Back then I was asking for advice on this sub about the situation too, lots of people recommended me to find a girl who's okay with me liking hentai. I got a lot of replies saying I'd be better off ending that relationship and looking for a new girlfriend.Now the thing is, I broke up with her and tbh lately I've been feeling lonely, I think I'm missing being in a relationship. I sort of feel like I'm in a difficult position though. If I'm to get a new girlfriend at this point I feel like it needs to be a girl who is completely fine with me watching hentai and anime, otherwise I would just be repeating the same mistakes. Are there any girls outside of otaku girls who are into that though? Any guys who were in similar situations who managed to find a girl who is ok with porn/hentai?I might be wrong in assuming that it's only girls who are into anime or hentai who would be okay with it but somehow I doubt girls who don't know what it is would even give it a second thought. via /r/relationship_advice https://ift.tt/2JQuFLt

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