I need a bit of a hand from you all, if you don't mind

I've made it to my 8th day of NoFap today (though I'll admit I have peeked at hentai a couple of times) which is the longest I've ever gone without fapping that I can remember (I started at 12, and could go anywhere between 3-5 times a day during the last 5 years). I've gone to the gym today, went hiking a few days back and gone to a seminar I've missed each week for the last 10+ weeks today. I've had very few urges, and the philosophy keeping me going is that I'm in my first year at Uni, a time where I should be making friends, meeting girls and essentially growing as person, yet up until now I've done very little of that, largely due to PMO. Because of this I've had enough, I've decided to stop completely from here, I'm not wasting anymore of my time feeling ashamed of myself, or just simply feeling doped up and not caring.However, so far I've seen no benefits from this, in fact the opposite. My self-esteem over the last week has been at the lowest I can remember it being in years. I have to push myself to enter social situations that would previously have been fairly easy. I've come to realise that I've wasted the last year, I have essentially one good friend at Uni despite the fact I consider myself to be a pretty sociable and likeable guy, though I do get on in casual terms with quite a few more people. I don't attend any clubs and as the year is nearly over and everyone within those clubs will already know each other I don't see much point in attending now. My self-image is much worse, and the only time I feel good about myself is when I'm outside listening to music, and even that seems like artificial confidence. I get that this post is depressing as shit, but it seems every post I've seen on here is about people feeling much better about themselves, more confident, easier to talk to people etc. which I'm always glad to see, but I just wanted to know if anyone has experienced the same thing I have. I'm determined not to go back to PMO, but I just need to know if it is gonna get any better. via /r/NoFap https://ift.tt/2rC0r7H

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