I’m not really sure how big of a problem this is

For the past 3 years or so all of my free time at home has basically been spent me browsing the internet and downloading hentai. This may seem fairly normal because it can be used to simply jack off to but the thing is I don’t do it.Sometimes to the point of spending 2-3 hours a day spent just looking at forums and downloading hentai whether it be on my computer or my phone.Although this is a big issue it doesn’t really affect me in a bad way as it would be expected to, I still have normal standards on people and I don’t expect it to become reality.But knowing that doesn’t stop me from going back and downloading. So. Ow I basically have a fuck ton of hentai saved through my devices and have no purpose for it whatsoever.P.S. now that I finished writing I’m not entirely sure if this is the correct sub but I’ll post it anyway. via /r/confession https://ift.tt/2LkIeVf

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