I'm realize the problem

This is my ahort story y'all. Just wanna share this one. For realI've been almost a year join this community and i'm really glad that i'm not the only one who fight this struggle and the urge. Day by day... Month to month always and always relapse like... wtf is goin' on ?. But, When i'm go to seventh day streak on hardmode. This makes me realize...That... yeah i am addicted to porn but The REAL problem is. Hentai IS my real problem. This kind of devil are kind of worse than porn itself. And i'm really into hentai. So right now not only doing PMO on porn but also i trying to quit from hentai pics, hentai video and so on.Hope it works :) Love you all as always via /r/NoFap https://ift.tt/2k7Ohjr

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