Just wasted my 25 day streak. What i have learned.

This streak was possible almost entirely due to me being away for two weeks participating in a state olympiad. As soon as i came home ( back to the cues and no scedual ) i started noticing urges. For those two weeks of being constantly busy i had no urges whatsoever. So once again stay as busy as possible at all times. About the so called "superpowers". As my streaks got longer i became more confident and social. But that also could have came from the self improvent books i have been reading. My thoughts became less perverted. I started seeing people as people not bodyparts. Finaly, i became feeling emotions: before it was all dull and grey, but now good moments are brighter and the sad moments are in fact sad to me. I broke my streak when my friend started sending me hentai memes. That was one of my fetishes and so it all came rushing back to me. Now i am trying to limit internet use even though it is very tough. I guess this is it. Thanks for reading. via /r/NoFap https://ift.tt/2Il3Em9

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