League of the Wegend

Be meBe a mere 1400 pounds of mommys bouncing baby boyMommy walks in "Hello my precious m'goodboy"She tips her fedoraI turn my head from my Alienware gaming pc with 7 monitors, 2 for anime, 1 for my little pony, 1 for league of wegend, 1 for world of warcwaft and 1 for hentaiI see her holding a 2L Baja blast dewie and a tray of tendies (wendies obviously)"Reeeee" I happily exclaim to m'lady, my chubby cheeks turning bright redShe gives me my loot with a hunny mussie bonusI tip my xxxl fedora to the dumb bitch and turn back to my EPIC pc setupI start a match of league of the wegendInstant lock in my waifu RivenNormy fags try getting mad at me for "not going support" little cunts beneath my flab."what do you know you little retards there's a reason you're all malnourished"Mute my whole team and turn on my waifu Riven hentai on my other monitorStart jerking my mighty 3 inches as hard as I can sweatingShoot a tendie goopie in my diaper and return to the gameEverything going good, 10 minutes into game with 12 cs (all time record)A Chad Darius pulls me in going for the 13th cs at 15 minutes into the gameI start cryingHe kills my waifu"RRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!"Start pounding my 100 lb each big boy healthy hands as hard as I can into all my monitorsBreaks 20,000 GBP of equipmentMommys runs inShe comes to comfort meI grab her by the head and bash it into PC"RRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEE!!!"Start tearing out my beautiful neck beard and hitting myselfPass out eventually from the traumaWake up in reinforced bassinet with a changed diapers and all my lootMommy comes in with a bandage on her head and gives me a blowey joeyShe promises to buy me another fedora for my collection in the morningIt was the best day ever via /r/Tendies https://ift.tt/2HMXX1a

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