Looking for specific shounen manga

I remember reading this specific series several years ago and I'd like to read it once more, but I've forgotten its name.From what I remember the manga was an romantic shounen series with 2 main characters, a boy and a girl. The boy had a crush on another girl and the girl MC desided to help him, even though she had feelings for him herself. Eventually the boy gets that another girl and starts dating her, but it turns out that she was 2 timing all along and ends up breaking up with him. The boy becomes depressed, so the MC girl decides to consult him, which ignites the love between the two. And if I remember correctly, some time after that the 2nd girl comes back and wants to start all over with boy MC.Thats what U can remember from it, so its not much to go on with. However, while it did have some NTR elements, the series wasn't hentai nor smut series, so all h-manga can be wiped out from the equation.This has been bugging me for few days now, so all pointers could come in handy. Thanks. via /r/manga https://ift.tt/2FCblPu

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