M Dom 4 F/Fb/Futa sub Long-term Relationship

First time posting this here...Looking for a Female a/o femboy sub only partner for a Long-term relationship .No scenario's are needed, as it can change as freely. If you are interested to making a scenario; we can be discuss with at anytime. If you love Hentai it would be a major plus as more ideas can be derived from the multiple series out there.Just be warned I can be active at anytime, as I may or may not be busy. Patience is greatly appreciated since I do tend to overthink new Ideas and take a while typing responses. I try to do simple quick but detailed responses so please mind me.Kinks are sub only BDSM, Transformation, Expansion, Lactation, Pregnancy, Beastiality, and some weird stuff to pleasure whomever does contact me,Turn offs are Blood, gorePM me your kik if you're interested via /r/Roleplaykik https://ift.tt/2HPj2rN

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