[M4DomFut/Fem] Looking for some good rp, erotic or not.

Hello! I come to you with a request for a dominant female or dominant futa. I'm rather bored of all the subs here and of all the dull doms and I'm looking for someone who can use their brains more than their braun. (I'm not sure if that's spelled right.) If you think you can fulfill that, then I IMPLORE you to pm my kik account. I rarely respond to reddit so kik is your best option. I'm open for ERP, erotic roleplay, aka just sex, or MRP. Mrp is mature roleplay. What that means is yes while it is similar to erp, erotic roleplay, it is more complex and has more emotional depth in them. It's good for people who want to really dive into a roleplay but still have some fun, but it's not just a quick fuck by any means.These are my requirements: 1. Have a pfp that is hentai-related and is either a female or futa. 2. Have a feminine name. I'm not gonna open up to someone named Robert for instance. 3. Be dominant but creative.I have no limits so if you wish to get kinky, I'll happily indulge in all your fantasies with no judgement.If you don't wanna rp, then feel free to pm just to talk.Main account: @scythemeister1432 Side account: @scythemeister143256See you there! Thanks for reading! via /r/Roleplaykik https://ift.tt/2Iwe7In

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