M4F Blackmail, corruption and that kind of stuff

Hey there. I have been role playing for quite some time now and used this site to find partners to role play with and because i liked it so much i felt like i should create a detailed post about myself and what im searching for.Lets start with the basic rules:Dont just message me with a simple "Hi" or anything similar. Be more creative and tell me about what your kinks and stuff like that.Please be literate and descriptive as i will do the sameAll of my kinks are not a must so if you dont like one or more of my kinks just tell me and we dont need to use them in the RPI love hentai so using it as reference pictures of the character you will be playing is a huge plusMy character will always be between the age of 18 and 25 since im a younger guy and i dont like role playing anything too much older or way youngerNow that i got the boring stuff out of the way lets get to the good part. My favorite kind of role play is any kind of scenario (fantasy/sci-fi/medieval/etc...) where i turn a innocent girl/milf into a obedient sex craving toy through blackmail and that kind of stuff. As you could guess i love being dominant. I have a few scenarios that i really want to do but i usually just brainstorm ideas with my partner to find the perfect scenario for the two of us that we will enjoy.Also dont be scared to talk about your kinks since im a very open minded guy and hiding kinks that you think are "weird" is not a good idea since maybe i love that kink as well. There will be a kink list at the bottom under my Kik username that you can check out before you message me.Kik username : Nick__Roleplay (there are two underscores)My kink list via /r/Roleplaykik https://ift.tt/2HIFHBR

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