M4F - The Good Girl's Secret - SemiExtreme

We've been dating for quite a while now, and from the outside we seem like the perfect couple. Everyone envies us and our families love each other, life couldn't be better. Well...that's not completely true. You have a secret...you're an awful slut. You cheat on me every chance you get. You'll have sex with nearly anyone and without much effort. Luckily, you do a great job at keeping it a secret, no matter who you fuck. Your friends, my friends, my family, or even complete strangers - somehow you convince people to never say a word.Hey! Thanks for reading this far. As you can tell i'm looking for a girl willing to play a huge slut. (Guys are welcome, as long as you don't tell me you're a guy) You'll cheat on me (I'll play the other guys as well), then when we see each other again, i'll be none the wiser. Please come with a reference pic (Anime/Hentai style are acceptable). Be descriptive, no one liners and boring sentences, this is supposed to be fun! Oh..did I mention that a lot of the guys in this world have massive cocks? I'm talking 12 inches+!I'd really like to use Chatzy.com, but we can use Kik if need be, thanks. Kik: WillRPAccount via /r/Roleplaykik https://ift.tt/2w3QQfk

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