M4f Mommy knows best rp

Hello ladies of this subreddit. Today, I'm looking for you to play a dominant, futa mom who finally gives in and seduces her submissive son, turning him into her new, willing cocksleeve. Maybe even into her cute little femboy. I'd like to incorporate a little age play in this prompt.(15+)Kinks Anal Rough sex Public sex Cumshots Lots of cum Sleep fucking Blowjobs Feminization FacefuckingLimits Pain Mutilation Gore Vore Snuff Toilet play ChastityGirls only, no guys!If interested in playing as my dominant futa mommy, please kik me at kroger202 with a hentai futa ref(please be realistic about cock sizes) and her outfit. via /r/Roleplaykik https://ift.tt/2HYgeEF

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