[M4M] Cute boyfriend stuff

Pairing: Male x MaleSetting; CollegeYour sex role: Dominant-Switch My sex role: SwitchI already have the names down, just bring a referenceHey so I want to try out a slice of life rp to see if I wouls like it. It will take place in college where we're fresh out of high school and new freshmen. Its just all cute and cuddly stuff, bit for sex, I think this would be better for switches as I'm not looking for a dead-on position right now.The two characters will be male, no I won't play as a girl. This is fairly short, but I hope you're interested in the idea.Conditions: Reply at least 4 lines, No nudes or hentai exchange, no personal info exchange, especially NO DICK PICS. (You will be ignored and blocked for sending them to me.)Kik: Sweet_LittleCreature via /r/Roleplaykik https://ift.tt/2G3WvS3

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