M/A looking for someone who is absolutely limitless and can play anything

Its been awhile since I last roleplayed with someone so im a bit rusty so please bare with me.Im looking for someone who can play anything and i mean anything from boys to girls to furries to futas etc. As well as being able to work with any kink i want to add as well as having lots of knowledge of different kinks basically im looking for someone completely limitless.Of course we can do more than just rp like trade hentai pics if you like (thats of you have any and are willing to share) or we can get to know each other better.Now i haven't had a lot of luck on kik these days. When people respond its good but then they vanish leaving me hanging which is not fun if you haveba reason to go please let me know, i hate it when you disappear without reason. I hope someone out there who is understanding and compassionate will help me out with my stories and hey if we are successful i can do a story you want to do.Kik is Springisthetrap or leave your kik down below remember you must be completely limitless. via /r/Roleplaykik https://ift.tt/2LnNlE6

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