MDDOM 4 Fsub Choose your own demise. Multiple scenes to humiliate/break you to choose from.

I have a couple scenes that are loosely worked out that we can build off of or come up with something of our own creation!Before we get to those though my info 28 year old Male DOM. My kinks are pretty much anything minus my limits: Gore, vore,  or scat. My favorite kinks would have to be BDSM (all it's forms), humiliation (mentally, physically, and self depreciating), teasing, anal, orgasm/pleasure denial, beast, piss play, mind break/ahegao, age play, body writing, body mod,  hyper, cumplay, futa, gangbang, dp, and incest. Oh and DD/lg though admittedly in still kind of new at the last one. We don't need to fit ALL of these into the scene it's just to key you into what I like. Feel free to suggest stuff not mentioned either minus what I have under limits of course.I ask that you be 18 years old or older first off. Character age play is fine just ask that you be at least 18 lol. Please be semi literate, I'm not great at punctuation so I don't expect perfection but have basic writing skills please.  Be able to send somewhere between 1 or 2 paragraphs per response. More is great but nothing is exciting about 2 line responses. Granted as long as you're putting in genuine effort I'll work with ya.First scene: I have in mind is an incestuous DD/lg relationship between either a teasing mother and her son. I know it's cliche but I love the power exchange here. She'd be reduced to crawling and talking like excited kid but be thoroughly used and humiliated like a slut toy. Open to other roles as well bro/sis daddy/daughter etc etc. With the same gist a teasing female sibling having too much fun and winds up inheriting a new life of servitude in every sense of the word. You're also welcome to play multiple characters in any of these scenes and I can do the same.Second scene: I'm a hired Hunter who gets paid to find track and kidnap potential fuck slaves. It's my job yo track you down,  kidnap you,  and break your mind until nothing is left and you willingly forget your own name due to the training being so well done you eagerly accept life as a toy. However I take a fancy to you and decide to keep you rather than hand you off to the buyer and we begin our relationship as Dom and sub etc. Roles can be whatever you'd like here.Thirdly simply rp'ing something either anime/hentai/comic based or sci-fi Shows I'm into are: Naruto/Shippuden/Boruto, DBZ/S, Black Clover,  Hunter X Hunter,  FMA,  Fairy Tail,  High School D&D,  Maken King,  HOOD,  My Hero Academia,  anything Marvel or DC (can be from the animated universes,  TV universes,  or CU as well. If I didn't list an anime you're welcome to suggest it!  I'm also down for you playing as OC'S from any universe.Lastly something we come up with together! We discuss our kinks and limits and craft a scene and characters all our own!On the note of crafting I love collaborating with people in any option but please know you gotta get to give lol.Sorry I know this is a lot but better fleshed out than bot in my opinion. Please be prepared to discuss stuff at length and not dive right in.When you Kik me please tell me which option you'd like and roles! Reference pics are welcome if you have them for the character. Also list your kinks and limits as well as name and age. Mention "centuries" so I know ya read it all. Kik is TheVinylCountdown via /r/Roleplaykik

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