[META] Hypersexualized memes in this sub. Discussion.

Hello. I am a transmasc queergender person, I come to this sub for the trans memes and I love a majority of them.But every time I see a meme about doms or subs or how someone wants to get f*cked I feel very uncomfortable and like this sub isn't for me.I'm just tired of feeling like "wow! what a good meme" and then scrolling one more post forward, and it's just a meme about someone's sexual desires.I really, really, really do not feel comfortable with the direction this sub and traaa go with the sexualized memes. I come here to be trans and laugh, not to view other people's TMI.I feel a bit unease when I have to see memes like "hehe when you're trans but [sexual thing]" because to me it seems like, while sexuality is an important part of life and identity and being trans, I don't think it's... appropriate here.. although some may disagree and that's okay..I just feel bad for all the people who come here and then get to thinking being trans is all about being a gay catgirl who wants a dom to buy them pickles and then out all the eggs together. To me, this doesn't read healthy. I don't like the egg culture thing, where we pin identities on people who may not be comfortable with the identity or accept themselves.I just. I'm tired of coming here for wholesome trans memes or depressing trans memes, only to find that a good chunk of this place is just memes about wanting to get railed, and to me, that's not ... trans... it's just sexual. ?And it's not just the sexualcontent that is making me feel like I don't belong here, it is also the obsession with anime references and pictures of anime ass and boobs. I just don't enjoy it. I come here for sfw memes and when I am scrolling by, almost never is the graphic wet T shirt anime girl with big bahonkas ACTUALLY tagged as nsfw. Therefore when I am trying to browse memes I am afraid someone will judge me for looking at pictures of obnoxious hentai rack when I'm really just fucking trying to find some relatable trans/nb content..I also highly disapprove of the cropped hentai.... even though cropped hentai memes are not really nsfw since you can't see the parts but .. I don't think ahegao has ANYTHING to do with being trans, mtf or ftmDiscuss with me?edit; on a similar note I do notice this is mostly complaining about mtf community's memes but the ftm users don't seem to have nearly the same fixation with posting incredibly sexually (borderline)inappropriate anime via /r/GaySoundsShitposts https://ift.tt/2KT5Rnw

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