Monday hate thread

As of the start of the new week let’s all blow off some steam by venting about shows you hate/despise. Don‘t have to be popular, tho it’s way more fun if they are.Rules: 1. To keep things spicy care to give 3-4 reasons as to why. 2. Must include the phrase ‚I can’t believe why anyone would watch this‘ 3. Must include meani words like fucking, retarded etc, you’re supposed to be angry. Show it. 4. Telling others they have ‚shit taste‘ for liking/disliking a show is highly encouraged but please keep it civil.I’ll startOverlordI fucking hate this piece of shit so much, I can’t believe how anyone would watch this piece of shit, yet alone stand 3 fucking seasons of it.Seriously masterpieces like Gabriel Dropout may never get a second season yet at these dumbsterfires money’s thrown left and right.The characters are the most bland, generic imaginable. Seriously the only one I remember any shred of personality from is Alfredo and only cuz she a milf.The world is the most bland generic pile of trash I’ve ever seen. Seriously would anyone of you actually like to visit this crap?The main character is supposed to be the villain and that alone would’ve been interesting as background noise whilst jerking off but this premise gets thrown out of the window in like episode 2 so ain’t even worth in that regard.Also tell me what’s the goddamn appeal of this thing? Hurr durr watching a salaryman turned skeleton one shotting everything in his path sure is entertaining, let’s watch 36(+) episodes of this.Like jeez guys have some fucking standards. If ya wanna have your 11 year old power fantasies fulfilled I mean there are countless shows catering to that.I mean shit like SAO has the balls to show seXX scenes on screen.Also have you like seen the main character? That faggot is literally a fucking skeleton, how drunk on sake do you have to be before your radio-contaminated Nipplon brain spews out something like this?Seriously you can’t even expect this to spawn any good Hentai except furry porn to come out of this shit.Dude doesn’t got a dick. Even Guts‘ micropenis rains supreme to the glaring void in that dudes pants lmao. I mean what does Alfredo even expect him to do should she succeed in seducing him? Getting fingered by skelly hands? Using his ribcage as a dildo?Seriously why is this shit so goddamn popular? You people make me sick via /r/anime

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