[NA]LogicalPhallacy (Lewd Mature Casual Community)

Thank you for your interest in joining LogicalPhallacy on Black Desert Online!LogicalPhallacy, a branch of Faptastic, is a social guild of like minded individuals who enjoy adult entertainment in many of its various forms, such as; games, hentai (anime), literature, art, Doujinshis (manga), and such. We are currently located on the Olvia 3. We are a newly established guild comprised of both new and experienced players.Why we're cool enough for you:Not bound to only PvE / PvPVoluntary Guild MissionsFriendship with those respectful of your interestsWe accept anyone regardless of whether you like cock, vag, or both.Please have respect: know it, show it, and never demand it.If you're interested in joining us, simply comment below or shoot me an private message. We would be happy to chat and introduce you to everyone. via /r/BDOGuilds https://ift.tt/2rNqiKs

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