so i wake up pmo,game,sleepI play fortnite battle royale ps4And i masturbate to "bully fucks mom" and " cuckold porn" and "your bully beats you up and fuck your mom infront of you while you sit there and masturbate" pornI'm 18 and before being introduced to "world of warcraft" and "porn on my family computer" I was a very good straight A studentSo yeah need help been playing a lot of video games ( fortnite, dota 2 ,World of warcraft) and watching a lot of porn ( bully fucks mom, cuckold, tranny, netorare ,hentai,dark, rough, hardcore)SO I CONCLUSION I WAS A VERY GOOD BOY BUT NOW AM A FALLEN COMRADES HELP ME BROTHERS FOR I FINALLY SEE HOPE IN MYSELLF AND WANT TO RETURN I"M 18 SO THERE IS DEFINITELY HOPE I WILL CHANGE JUST NEED ADVICE ON WHAT I SHOULD ABOUT THIS. LIKE I DON'T THINK SIMPLY NOFAP WILL WORK NEED MORE THAN THAT TO FIX MEAND PLEASE DON'T SUGGEST THERAPY. THERAPISTS HAVE NO CURE FOR GAMING(FORTNITE,DOTA,WOW,ETC) AND PORN(BULLY FUCKS MOM,CUKOLD,BUKKAKE,HENTAI,NETORARE,ETC)SO I'M LOOKING FOR A CURE IN THIS SUBAND I PROMISE GUYS JUST GIVE ME THE ANTIDOTE AND LEAVE THE REST TO MEPEACE AND LOVE FOR MY BROTHERS and sisters...maybe...not assuming ur gender guys via /r/NoFap

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