No fan arts?

silly qustion but how much did the movie worked? Asking this because I'm surprised to see so low amount of fan arts. I was expecting some huge waves of them after the movie gived us a "design" for the heroes. Deviant art, or Artstation are almost empty about it... No famous artist like Artgerm or such to do stuff about it...I mean it's not a good idea but even the NFSW zone is empty about it, ( and after all the huge amount of hentai like crap the starwars and marvel movie generates, I was thinking something similar to happen with art3mis)Really surprised that after the movie things are still so quiet, so did the movie "floped" in a way, or is the he having some kind of holy aura where fans doesn't dare touching it? Was really expecting form nice art from famous artist. via /r/readyplayerone

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