Please create a way for me to filter games I don't want to see on the Steam store.

I understand half naked anime girl games are becoming popular but honestly, as a consumer I don't feel they have any place on a gaming platform like steam, they are not games... super seducer is not a game... they are sex products, aimed at specific groups of people. I don't want to see them. My family doesn't want to see them. If content is AGE GATED then it has absolutely no place in my feed, recommended or curators... there MUST be features in steam to allow this kind of content to be filtered out and made a choice. If people want to enjoy this product, cool, do it. Just do it away from me and my family... I've used Steam for over 12+ years, never have I felt this strongly about something that exists on the platform... its almost as bad as CSGO loot boxes, except CSGO loot boxes are a choice, I don't have to install this game. I don't have to see it all.So please, Steam, if you are listening. Give us a way to filter content PROPERLY. Not just because I like RPG games, therefore I must like Hentai too. via /r/Steam

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