Rant on the submissive Asian woman

There was a creep in my theater class two years ago (I was a freshman, he was a senior) who thought it'd be ok to harass me and tell me how much he liked Asian women. He'd go up to me and make the stupidest sexual jokes and I would get super uncomfortable and tell him so, but he never stopped.I reported him to the teacher and he did nothing. Literally told him to knock it off and that was that, the creep didn't get any punishment or anything. Of course he didn't stop, and later he told me he thought Japanese girls liked attention. I'm not Japanese.I think that the general shtick I'm trying to get to is that there's a standard that Asians are quiet and modest and don't fight back, and women moreso because of porn and hentai. He wasn't the only creep I've met in HS that thought I was an easy target because of this. No, just because I'm Asian doesn't mean that I don’t have opinions. I have plenty of them.A lot of guys (white guys in particular, but there's a significant amount of them in our school so it's biases) act entitled and expect Asian women to bow down from them. Like another sleazy guy asked me “don’t Asian girls like white guys?” No, you can't fucking generalize an entire race and sex like that, you fucking cunt. Maybe some of them do, but don't expect most of them to kowtow to your two inch dick.I think the reason a lot of them think they can act like this is because of how the media and news treat Asian women. I saw a post recently that was some asshat on braincels talking about how Asian girls were the “tightest” and “have the best family values and treat their guys like gods”. By fetishizing Asian girls like that, he's treating us like nothing but a sex object and baby raiser.I’m only 17 rn but I’ve faced online harassment from thristy AF thirty something white guys before, all sporting the same submissive bullshit, how I’ll be their perfect sex slave, etc. etc. All of them are super surprised when I give them a piece of my mind and change their approach 180, like “Other asians want my dick and you’re not special”.This is the legacy of centuries of fetishizing the geisha girl. I'm sick and tired of it.Sorry that this got a bit long. I needed a place to vent. via /r/aznidentity https://ift.tt/2IeFBlF

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