Read Me : The Rules Of MegalinksVault.

Rules are put into place to ensure this Sub remains safe.Preface : We as Mods are Here to Maintain Peace and functionality of the Sub, When Posting/Commenting on this sub consider Whether or not what you share could be interpreted as offensive. We aren't Going to ban you or warn you for petty things. We aren't power thirsty Monsters that govern every little thing posted and shared but please use common sense. Most importantly, we Don't Get Hardons from banning people. We just need to put a line in the sand so people know the boundaries. Indexes Like this attract Negative attention, the last thing we need is to add unethical content to the mix. Keep it clean and keep it real. - Tuner KidRule 1All Link Submissions Must Be ConcealedAll Posts must be Hidden With A Link protector & Base64Link protectors Can Be For Profit Ex.,**Under No circumstance can you post a Direct Link or Key)However Spamming, Self-endorsement "", Clone Posts "Identical" are forbidden.Rule 2File Hosts Must Be Free.All Submissions must be put onto filehosts where anyone can "Freely" obtain the Content without a membership. ZippyShare, Mega, Google Drive, Dropbox, Mediafire & Sugar Sync Are All Approved as Free File hosting.Rule 3Respect The UploadersThe Uploaders are Posting Freely Available Content,Don't Be Impolite About Their Posts, They Don't Have To.If a Post is not to your Liking Don't Download it. Resolution, Bitrate, Size, Content is not to be debated With Uploaders. Civil Discussion is always Welcome.Do not repost their Submissions on other Sites\Forums,Do not repost Their Submissions Under Your name.A certain Level of tolerance is given when on a Different account, But if an uploader asks for it to be takedown (and is clearly a copied post) Delete the post. Simply deleting the text will not suffice. if a user Fails to do so in a period of 2 Days a Warning will be made. After a mod has warned a user enough a ban will be placed.Rule 4Tagging Your postsTo help Our Viewers Browse Easily Tag you posts Appropriately."Use Brackets "[Text]" to divide your Tags"Filehost, Title, Filesize are Mandatory,Bitrate, Resolution are sugguested.Rule 5Flaming, Political BattlesTo cut it short,If you wanna fight, Take it to the court r/CringeAnarchy/ Not here.Rule 6Mods Decisions Are FinalWhen we choose to ban a User, we undertake a decision based on Merit not Retaliation. If we interpret a user as Hateful, Malicious, or Intentionally violating the rules we will ban them without consultation.To ElaborateWhat will get you warned.Disrespectful CommentsViolation Of any of the RulesHarassment of any kind "Sexual, Racial, Political, PM's Ect."Repeated "Mistakes"What Will Get you BannedPosting PornographyReceiving Two "Or More" WarningsTrollingMisleading OthersLinking Harmful Content "Viruses"Rule 7Url ShortenersNo more than one link shortenerLoops are annoying and can leave viewers displeased. "use common sense".Rule 8Megadrop foldersMegadrop folders can be used for exchangesContent Policies for these still ApplyIf you choose, Communication are to be done Via PM. But Discussion of these things are forbidden.Rule 9Content PolicyPornography\Linking Pornography is strictly forbidden. This includes "But not limited to",Videos - Hyperlinks, Files, Hosts, Censored-Hentai, Animated Sexual Intercourse, Live People.Photos - Hyperlinks , Files, Hosts, Animated, Drawn , Suggested, Live People.For Certain Explicit Anime "Fan Service" Flag as "NSFW".*Requesting Content Of this Nature Will get you banned.>Under No circumstance is any kind of depiction of Exploiting a minor\corpse in an explicit manner Tolerated. This sub is off limits for any type of suggestive content that may depict anything of the sort. Not only will you be banned but a mod will personally report you.*For the Sake of leaving this out of Chance "Cracks\Software" Are banned without exception"*Note:The Reason Users Are Allowed to Use\Collect from these Providers is to encourage submissions and care to their posts. For this Spamming is clearly a likely problem to occur. If a user is caught doing this a Ban can be given at any time Without Warning.This sub is a Index Forum "Not a Repository". When\If you choose to use a Link Shortener for profit\Link Content You except Legal Liability. Megalinks Vault does not require nor endorse the distribution. or sale of copyrighted works. via /r/MegalinksVault

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