REVIEW : [Swarmlord, Venomthrope, Termagant, Terrain skulls] [CCON] [UK] [XXXXx]

*Ordered - April 13th *Invoice - April 14th *Confirmed - April 15th *Shipping + Tracking - May 5th *Arrived - May 10thImages - [XXXX] - Strong box but this was tested by both China post and royal mail posting. Internally box was packed well with polystyrene. Strong CA smell when opened, but does not seem to be from resin or polystyrene?Swarmlord [XXXXX] - Hard pushed to find any difference between the GW kit and the resin TBH. Comes as a almost plastic resin (Could be abs?) and the typical light grey resin for some minor parts. Minor flashing in parts like most tyranid kits (Arm gaps, spaces between chimneys, claws) and some irritatingly placed gates but nothing new for a recast. Wings are good and strong, and come with both options to make a Swarmlord, Tyrant or Flyrant.Venomthrope [XXXXX] Again a flawless cast, with both plasticy resin and grey resin parts. All come with bases. not much to say about this one, its a simple model (Mini hentai rape monster) with not much going onGants [XXXX] - SO. MANY. GANTS. So ordering 60 was a good idea in theory, horrible idea in painting practice. All come as a "random" model and seem to be all armed with fleshborers, but for me running a tervigon its great having loads of fleshborers. Not sure if the other kit comes with other options (There are 2, one for 80c and one for $1, i cheaped out and got the 80c ones) Some flashing in the usual places, but really smooth casts.This one i'm sure will lose me brownie points though. The casts aren't as detailed as my Cheap-n-Fast ones which I was slated for. Granted the price is cheaper, but wouldn't say the casts are comparable at all. For tabletop play its fair enough to have "Heavy coats of paint" on them hiding detail, but a lot of the detail is muted on these casts. Still totally worth it for the cost though. Gallery has a comparison shot with the CNF on the left and CCON on the right. The CCON gants are a more malleable plastic resin, and CNF use a more brittle type.Skulls [XXXXX] - Skulls. Cheap. Good.Overall [XXXXx] Had to take off half a point for the detail loss on the gants, and for the battered packaging. Apart from this however it was a pleasure doing business with CCON, and have another order already in draft (another 60 gaunts, god help me) as the service was so good and the casts perfect. via /r/yoyhammer

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