Sexual expression: violation of school policy or not?

So today is our field day. Kids and teachers are allowed to wear shorts, hats, sunglasses, etc. One of our girls is wearing a hat that says "YAOI" in big, shiny metal letters.If you don't know, yaoi is defined by Wikipedia as: "(slang, pornography, anime, manga) A form of hentai involving two or more males in a homosexual relationship, primarily intended for a female audience."So I text my principal to ask whether I should contact the student's mom after I ask her to remove it. He didn't know what yaoi was, so I had to explain (awkward). He told me he was busy setting up for field day and to text our Grade Level Chair instead. I do, and I also text her Second-in-Command to ask for her input.SIC: "I understand. [The student] has on a Yaoi hat. It’s Japanese anime that represents LGBT 🏳️‍🌈 characters. As we know [she] is trying to find herself and is sensitive (has been even suicidal) about her sexuality. Mom is supportive! I say Let her wear the hat. If we have a battle later, that’s one [our principal] will fight. And as a gay man, I think he’s going to be fine."GLC: "I’m going to allow her to wear the hat. Our schools needs to be a space where we allowed our kids to be express whatever part of their identities they choose. She should be not condemned for it and there is no policy in the dress code against it."First of all, bullshit. There is absolutely a dress code policy against clothing that advertises sexual content, violence, or illegal substances.Secondly, porn that contains homosexual characters is still...wait for it...PORN. And it's ridiculous that were refusing to enforce policy simply because the porn in question includes characters that are gay.I understand supporting LGBTQ students or students questioning their sexuality and making sure school is a safe place for them to express themselves. That said, sexual expression of any kind is not school appropriate.Am I crazy? I'm feeling crazy. Has anyone experienced this kind of crazy boundary blurring before?EDIT: Important detail. My kids are fifth and sixth graders. 10, 11, 12 year olds. via /r/TeacherTales

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