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Strange Petition - Days Petitioned: 0 Hi. Through my 3 years and 1000 hours of TF2, I have grown to love the silliness and wackiness of the artstyle. I have also grown to love stranges. However, many of the coolest looking weapons don't have strangifiers. This is my petition to get those items strangifiers or strange qualities, and why they are justified to have the strange quality.I WILL NOT BE COUNTING JUNGLE INFERNO WEAPONS Before we begin, I have to mention that all of soldier's weapons have strange qualities, so that's why he's not on this list. SCOUTClocking in at #5 for least amount of items without a strange quality, is scout. The only weapons that don't have strange qualities are:Sun-on-a-Stick Now I don't have a major reason for this, it is one of the worst items in the game, but I did say I would mention all items, so here it is.The Unarmed Combat Despite being an excellent meme weapon, this weapon is eclipsed by the Holy Mackerel, possibly due to the fact that the Holy Mackerel can be strange. PYROPyro has the most amount of items without strange qualities, and as a pyro/engie main, this hurts. Without further ado, here are pyro's items:The Nostromo Napalmer The NN is a really cool looking reskin of stock, and despite the church of Pyro mains worshiping the Degreaser, I quite like this one.The Postal Pummeler This is my favorite weapon in the game, and it deserves a strangifier. Why does the apoco-fists have a strangifier and not this one? Why the lolichop? I hate the look of the axtinguisher and now that it has started to rise in the meta I feel like we need a strangifier for the Pummeler.Maul Not a huge reason for this, I like the asthetic of the homewrecker more. But I said I would mention everything, so here it is.The Sharpened Volcano Fragment See: the sun-on-a-stick. DEMOMANDemoman's got the second most amount of weapons without stranges, but his are the weirdest. Like, why isn't that strange yet?Tide Turner Shocker, I know, but there is no strange variant for the best hybrid knight shield. Fuckin' weird, man.Nessie's Nine Iron This was released in the same update as the Postal Pummler. Both are reskins of an unlock, and both don't have stranges. You don't really see this weapon a lot and it would be much more popular if it did have a strange.The Scottish Handshake This is a reskin of stock that clearly was supposed to be like a market gardener. Lets look at the facts: Both are the same type of weapon as stock, with the other weapons being similar to each other but not stock. Soldier gets pickaxes, demo gets swords. Both have a weird tan design. Somewhere down the line, it was decided not do do this, and now we have a reskin of stock that nobody uses cause it doesn't have a strange or killstreak. Valve. Please make this one a market gardener. Make it do mini crits or something. Please. HEAVYHeavy is tied for the least amount of weapons without stranges, with his being:The Iron Curtain This is a reskin of stock (noticing a pattern?) that looks really cool, but you never see it because it doesn't have a strange or killstreak. ENGINEEREngi is my favorite class, tied with pyro. He is also tied for the least amount of weapons without stranges, with only theShort Circuit Now that this weapon has significant killing potential, I feel that it deserves a strange. It might make it more popular.EDIT aparently the eureka effect doesn't have a strangifier either. WTF MEDICMedic is everyone's favorite class to see and everyone's least favorite to play (well, for most people). He is only missing one strange, and that is theVita-Saw After the rework, I can't really see this weapon coming back to popularity, even with a strange. SNIPERSniper is my second favorite class, but the main reason I don't play him is because he doesn't have a strange forThe Fortified Compound This is a reskin of the huntsman, and with strange huntsmans being so expensive this would be an excellent alternative. Or just add more crates with strange huntsmans. SPYSpy is tied for the most weapons without stranges, with 4. * Big Kill The revolver is actually really cool, and having a strange big kill would be great. * Sharp Dresser The less popular of the knife reskins, this one is quite cool but doesn't have a strange. * Black Rose The more popular of the knife reskins, this one is quite cool but doesn't have a strange. * Wanga Prick The YER is kinda trash but this reskin is pretty cool, so it would be nice to have. MULTI-CLASSConscientious Objector Because I want to see how many kills that guy has when he random-crits me with his swastika/hentai/anime/meme sign.Lugermorph This used to be the scout pistol (sorry engi) but now its eclipsed by strange CAPPERS, or decorated weapons.Ham Shank Because we need more strange jigglebones.Bat Outta Hell See aboveFreedom Staff This is eclipsed by the Conscientious Objector, or by strange Crossing Guards and Necro Smashers, so having a strange one would be nice.Prinny Machete Machete Mechanic will never be a thing until this gets a strange. Well, that's about it. Check back tomorrow for day 2 of this petition, where I talk about promo items. via /r/tf2

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