Talk please just talk.

Hello all, I love my wife and our relationship has not been easy, her friends didn't like me (actively warned her off) my parents did not warm to her and her parents disowned her for getting a boyfriend without approval add to that the day we met she was on the rebound that afternoon dumped by her last BF.We had no money, no clue and here we are almost 23 years later still together and still in love, we have dealt with cancer and now full renal failure, I am giving her home dialysis (I turned the lounge into a bedroom with full access to a 55" TV hooked up to a gaming pc, oculus rift, gear VR, Alexa etc and all her crafting stuff).What made it possible for us to go through all the tragedy and hardship we did?We talked. Three days into our relationship my mum was working a night shift and I invited her over once mum left, I know what you're thinking a hot night of sex, actually, all we did was go up to my room and cuddle on my single bed talking.We discussed everything, it was the scariest event in my life, we told each other our flaws, we discussed past problems, we discussed likes desires and fetishes, we discussed our sexuality and my debts, nothing was hidden nothing was judged, we discussed every subject from hentai to Cthulhu and bared our souls to each other.Before we knew it morning came and we were still together, so talk early in your relationship, let them know everything about you, if they run then it was never meant to be, if they stay then you have a chance and if there is something in your life you can not share with this person you want to spend the rest of your life with then honestly ask yourself why.Talk before you waste half your life just talk and find out if this is real and right.A lot of the problems we see in this place could be solved by talking.Love isn't easy, love isn't like in the movies it takes effort, communication and time, with the right person the harshest of tragedies will bring you closer together not force you apart. via /r/TwoXChromosomes

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