The Political Tardies, The "Japanese Appreciation Club" (Somewhat Sequel to "The Commutards")

be mestill 10th gradeCOUF and CUWP causing chaosthe weetards get an ideaform "The Japanese Appreciation Club"they want to make an Anime Class and make people read manga in English ClassMaximumAutism.gifthey also preach that child hentai is not child pornEVEN THOUGH UNDER US LAW IT FUCKING IS"party leader is at least 400lbs.Greasy Ginger HairGrowing a NeckbeardFace covered in pimples and frecklesdeargod.pngElections comethey only win 1 seatthey claim that the school boards is "racist towards the Japs"tmw the party leader was caught with actual naked pics of his 7 year old sistermfw he gets arrested during school hoursmfw i tipped the police about it via /r/tardtales

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