The Totally Official Klaxosaur Hybrid Ambiguous Superpower List!

The following is a list of catalogued abilities exhibited by Klaxosaur/Human hybrids. The list may be incomplete as of this writing and may be subject to change as new data is revealed. If YOU have any information regarding what these creatures are capable of, contact your local Nana immediately.Super Speed (Klaxohumans can access the Speed Force, I guess; then again, so can gorillas. Can reach velocities up to NYOOM levels from a standing position. Quicker than the average rebellious teenager).Super Strength (Able to knock red shirt stormtroopers 20 feet across a room and hold a Strawberry up one handed. Capable of tearing up mirrors and walls of old-ass rickety boarding houses. Current skin density unknown but tiny darts seem to do the trick).Super Taste (Can glean a person's sense by tasting their skin. Also, possible telepathic tastebuds that allow for reading of whatever's on the person's mind. I don't get it either, I just report the facts. WARNING: This ability usually leads to the Klaxo having an urge to lick everyone and everything in a 5 mile radius).Super Agility (Able to leap backwards from a randomly-placed-horizontal-spire several yards in the air in a single bound. Better at parkour than that tool at your local skateboard who could totally do that if he felt like it. The feet are especially dangerous weapons of kickflipping destruction).Healing Factor (Can regenerate injuries from cyberpunk hole-punchers in seconds. Teeny Strawberry Slaps leave no marks. Full extent of abilities unknown, probably would be better with metal bones).Glowy Eyes (No functional purpose is known for the glowy eyes except to make for cool face turn shots and indicate you bout ta get ya ass whooped. Enhances cinematic lighting, especially when paired with low angles. It's like an alarm for the animators to do something cool or for the characters to RUN GET YOUR DUMBASSES OUTTA THERE).Oni Horns (No combat usage but great for cutesy head pats. Looks sharp but has the consistency of candy canes. Buzzes when big handed bois are near. HYPOTHESIS: Bambi antlers are grown to battle other Klaxosaurs for mating rights; must research further).Techno Tendrils (Segmented hentai arms that are stored in the microverse portal located on the back. Can impale monkey politicians faster than they can accept lobbyist bribes. If Otto Octavius had a hard on for Blade Runner).Voice Telepathy (Can transmit psychic messages via siren song. Or maybe it's sending concepts into the brain that are carried on soundwaves. Which is more ridiculous? Which is cooler?).This concludes the list of ambiguous Klaxosaur/Human superpowers. For now. And for those who often ponder the question "What would a teenage dinosaur girl created by the Weapon Plus program if it was designed by Mœbius from Japan be able to do," here's your answer, you geeky weirdo. Good night and happy smiles. via /r/DarlingInTheFranxx

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