18+ visual novel about corrupting a high school as a student?

I'm looking for a VN similar to hentai high school (the game). Essentially you play a teacher trying to corrupt the high school she's just been appointed principle of, starting with seducing individual girls/boys/parents/pta members/teachers as she can, eventually turning the whole town into a constant fuck fest.I'd love a VN similar to that, maybe a little smaller in scope with a student (male, female, or futa) as the protagonist. Basically any good high school VNs where there is a lot of corruption/sex between the students, with bonus points if nudity or sex is required by school rules.Koneko Doumei/Cat Girl Alliance leapt out at me, but the reviews are shit so i was worried. Thoughts? via /r/vnsuggest https://ift.tt/2E0o8iu

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