24 [M4F] Beauregard van houten lee pous lamard de psyduck the 3rd requests your help!

Hihi, my names beauregard van houten lee pous lamard de psyduck the 3rd, and I am looking for someone to indulge my sophisticated pallete. I have a tongue that was gifted to me from my great grand pappy psyduck, when my tongue strikes something unworthy I get awful headaches that can get out of control, dangerous even to humanity. I decided, how may i save humanity then, i mean should i stop using my tongue, niegh, that is not old grand pappy lee pous lamard de psyduck the 2nds way. It occured to me if my tongue gets somethign pleasurable once in awhile, the headaches get countered, and the world is saved.Which now to my ad, I am looking for a women to help me, help you, help the world from my headaches. If per say I could give get a taste of anothers lips or maybe something a little bit more down, i would erhm assume my pallette would be very much satisified. Oh but i forgot i also have this thing where once i get a taste of somethign delicious my lower body starts reacting and gets massive ass cramps. Too you these cramps may seem like a joke, but i assure you the vibrations from the cramps cause magnitude 69 earthquakes that are fatal to humanity, so again will you help me, help you save the world from these earthquakes through spanking, its like my old grand pappy diglett de pous van demalard mustard mouth said, can't eat a cheese sandwitch, without cheese.Um about me: I like nature/animals, discussing mental health, watching curling sometimes (shit gets intense), cooking all types of cuisines, helping old people then thinking write your inheritance to me you old lonely crusty crouton, watching squidward hentai... i erhm mean anime, staring at the ceiling, petting my dog, petting my cats, petting my great grand pappy psyduck the 3rd.My greatest skill: Occupying the best seat in the theater as a lone watcher, only to have every dickbag jock come with their gf and give me a dirty look for beating them to it. Successfully have claimed my seat about 95% of the time, the other 5% well lets not speak of such dark days.But yeah just looking for a cool fwb or one time thing, or honestly could use some friends to just hang or talk to o.o pretty chill guy....until my headaches and butt cramps awaken, i'm about 5 foot 10, drug and disease free, i like cheese sandwitches. I live in the shadows of toronto, the place you dare not say is toronto and avoid, scarborough (*does heart sign thing* i love my city). I can can travel across most of the toronto area and borders. I'm home for the next few weeks and bored, and yeah so um I got most improved in grade 6, so thats something. Been told i look good by some, and also been told i look like beauregard van houten lee pous lamard de psyduck the 4th, HA thats an insult if you couldn't tell, that putrid coupon theif. But yeah say hi, i'm nice...thats all i got going for me. Oh and not like i can be picky haha, but only girls not in a relationship unless their partners cool with it, my tongue causes magnitude general tao fried chicken earthquakes when it tastes a cheater.P.s thats not my name, my name has been clearly hidden in this message, how? Every letter of my name is in this text, i think. via /r/r4rtoronto https://ift.tt/2KnvDjX

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