[2413] The Body Snatcher

(Sorry I had to delete the previous one, I'm not sure what happened to the links and formatting)[2413] The Body SnatcherThis is a short story that I'm working on within specific parameters, namely that it needs to be a combination of both humor and horror. Neither is a genre I have much experience with, so I think it's a good project to help develop my range of narrative skills. This is the first half of a story that will total about 5000 words, and I'm currently at 4000. Before finishing off the story, though, I thought it would be a good idea to get some feedback about it, specifically whether or not the tone suits the horror/humor theme.Any other suggestions are welcome, but I'm specifically looking to hone my narrative voice depending on the genre. I realize that there isn't much 'horror' in the first half besides the implication at the beginning, but that should come back around in the second half.My critiques this week:[2951] It's a Matter of Delivering Hentai[3062] Sick: CroweThanks in advance! via /r/DestructiveReaders https://ift.tt/2ramiTy

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