25 [M4F] Long Island NY - Dont mind me.

Hello first of all this is me ----> https://ift.tt/2Bob2cv will try to keep this short so you can discover new things if we ever talk.​My name is Z. well that is a nickname. I am 25 years of age and I am Spanish/Persian Mix. I am making this post to try and find someone to connect with. I dont really get along with men, I have tried but it never works out, so this time I am trying to find a lady friend maybe more.​About me: I go to college for Digital Game Design. I only have one more semester to go and hopefully I can start working at a company to slowly make a name for myself and make the games that I want. I was a Marine so my vocabulary or way of speech can be a bit rough at times, I am pretty straightforward but i never mean to hurt anyone feelings I just cant relate to people's emotions as I have a very hard time reading my own feelings. I am too awkward to interact socially and i have tried. I dont fit in at all. I end up being the person walking behind a group or being left behind, never really understanding what the group is chatting about, sometimes I just hate interacting with people that arent interesting.I enjoy writing erotica or just naughty stories but only when in the right mood. so if you are into that :)​~Hobby~I make small games on me free time using Unity and Unreal Engine 4.I listen to music, mostly rock and classic, lo-fi when studying, reading or coding.I read a lot. At times i dont sleep in order to finish a book faster.Cooking is something i recently got into and if it wasnt because IT. TAKES. SO. DAMN. LONG!. I would cook more often.Play video games, I dont play as much as i used to due to school and side projects but i play mostly PC and PS4.Walk. I go for night walks.​~Little Extra Things~I dont have a religion but I practice Alchemy, been doing so for 20 years. I enjoy if you talk about yourself and maybe ask me questions, i sure will ask you lots of questions. I dont really like the entire awkward state of "getting to know someone" so if you can just talk to me like you have known me forever that will be great i will do the same. I am honest to the point it will make you uncomfortable. I enjoy reading and watching hentai and porn so if you ask me WYD? and i am doing either i will tell you, if that makes you uncomfortable I am sorry. I have pet rats.​~What am i looking for~I am not here asking for a relationship (If it turns into one, I dont mind it). Just someone that can read everything i typed above and kinda relates or is interested in knowing more. I do want someone that is nerdy so we can talk about games and manga, anime and movies. If you like foo fighters you are VIP to me already. If you want to Video chat here and there I am up for it. You want someone to just vent out to, I can listen. I pretty much am looking for a really good friend that likes video games and hentai, cause it would be fun to share tastes and expand each other's collections. if you have, i dont, i got them memorized.​Parting WordsDont be shy, just be yourself so we can enjoy the trial to its fullest. If you hold back then i will and maybe we will miss the chance to get that person we were looking for. There is WAY more to me than what i put above. love metal, hate snow, but like cold, more and more. Thanks you for your time and patience, this was a very messy post. If you are interested just send me a message :) I am a night owl so since it is 730am here I might head to bed for a bit.​ via /r/r4r https://ift.tt/2R0KqDE

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