90% off popcorn in /r/Steam as a brave user takes a stand against "Child-porn hentai" and "mass-downvoting" weebs

The Thread​A little bit of backstory is necessary to understand this. Recently Valve lifted their ban on mature content in games for users who explicitly opted into being able to see that kind of content. Most of this kind of content falls into the category of Hentai games: games with anime style drawings where gameplay reveals more and more explicit drawings.​There has been a boom in these kinds of titles now and some of them have started getting banned for explicit sexualization of minors.​https://www.reddit.com/r/Steam/comments/9xhuto/imolicious_reportedly_banned_from_steam_for/​https://www.oneangrygamer.net/2018/11/maomao-discovery-team-hardcore-loli-rpg-store-page-removed-from-steam/71990/​Posts appeared talking about censorship and legality of "artistic" depictions, and apparently, OP had enough.​The whole thread has long since been locked down after OP makes sure to comment aggressively on every reply and edits his post to make sure people know he is being persecuted.​Tl:dr: People draw porn/ sexualizing kids/ break out your popcorn/as OP blows his lid via /r/SubredditDrama https://ift.tt/2DI1s6n

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